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Story of the day, 10/10

Post by melissajmueller on Thu Oct 11, 2007 10:47 am

Despite all my good intentions, I am not succeeding in getting up early to go to
my sit spot. But I am doing fairly well with my resolution to go every day for half an hour. I went again last night and learned that trails are sometimes easier to see in twilight. I found a
trail to my sit spot that I hadn't noticed before. It turned out to be a quieter, more hidden
way to get there. Both on the way in and on the way out I scared something off the trail. I caught
a glimpse of white--like a tail?--and heard an animal that sounded bigger than a rabbit but
smaller than a deer scuttle just a few yards of the trail. It didn't go sailing away over the
bushes like a deer. I think it was probably a rabbit but things always sound bigger than they are to

Coming in slowly on the trail, I was glad of the sound of a strong breeze that
covered up my movements. At one point the deer trail seemed to change to a rabbit trail (there
was a low-hanging shrub branch) so I got down on hands and knees and crawled for awhile,
enjoying the different perspective and how deliberate and quiet I was able to be. When I
got to my site, my feather told me the breeze was from the north--the first north wind I've
noticed in the past week. I wondered what that meant--probably some sort of weather change.
Indeed, yesterday was beautiful and sunny--still warm but with a bit of fall crispness,
finally--and last night it rained, a slow steady rain continuing into the morning.

I sat and listened and heard the wind in the trees and the crickets. When I got
up to go it was full dark (except for the light pollution reflecting off the gathering clouds)
but the trail was still clearly visible, now that I knew where it was.


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