Announcing: "Worst sit spot contest 2007"

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Announcing: "Worst sit spot contest 2007"

Post by monotropa on Wed Oct 31, 2007 10:41 pm

the problem with claiming to have the worst sit spot is that you actually have to go there to gather evidence in support of your claim. and chances are something cool always happens just when you were most dreading something cool to happen. take my example from this evening: There I was on my way home from trick-or-treating when I thought of stopping by my spot along Cascadilla Creek. It was a perfect night for Halloween (though the moon stayed hidden from our neighborhood) there were lots of brightly colored leaves blowing on warm gusts sweetened by laughter, sugar and sanctioned freakishness - one of the few holidays that I can really feel at peace with. I sank down into a squat amidst the forsythia tangles, my cheek resting in my right palm. The water murmured on by as it always does, some crickets sang on despite what the calendar said, and I think I already mentioned how nice the breeze felt...I was just trying to convince myself of how dull it all was when a small yellow spider began to spin a web in the "moonlight" of the street lamps, nine inches away from my eyeballs. suddenly I wondered if featherdusting children and porches muttering random incantations was the right thing to have been doing, but only for a second. I thought of how alive the streets felt - not just the children but also the trees, the dark shrubberies, the flickering fires of the candles, and I knew that this was part of the whole deal. These kids were not watching spiders at their sit spots but at least they were outside, if not for several hours, taking in the smells and sounds of the night, witnessing the changing of seasons and the thinning of the veil.
so I haven't seen a raccoon yet, though I'm sure I will some time. maybe I'll see a green heron stalking minnows or a weasel scouting rat nests. But I think there's more to this sitting thing than just seeing animals or finding the nature that's out there. what do you think?

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