sexing crayfish

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sexing crayfish

Post by monotropa on Tue Oct 02, 2007 10:30 am

My mystery of the week: how can you sex a crayfish?

I have a liitle pool near my spot that the crayfish seem to prefer over the running water of the creek. I've been practicing my rock flipping techniques, and catching crayfish to look at their sex parts. Judge me as you will! but I've been catching crayfish for years with no awareness of how to tell the males from the females. The answer was only a google search away the whole time. Amazing how so many questions can be aswered so easily.

So how's it going for all of you in sit spot land? What kind of tree/shrub did you hang your feather from? What did you hang it with? Can you picture your feather in your mind? How many color bands are there? How many inches long is it?

That reminds me - here's a really cool tool for all of you to get to know: your hand. Unless you are still growing your hand (any body part for that matter) makes an excellent measuring tool. Best part is that you can't loose it. Just get a ruler or tape measure and measure various distances on your hand - pinky to thumb outstretched, length of pointer, width of thumb, pinky, etc. Call it homework. There will be a quiz on Friday.

But back to your own experiences: what kinds of questions are coming up for you? this is a great place to share them and get some educated guesses from everyone else. You too can post your very own Mystery of the Week.

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