My apologies, and congratulations, to Emily!

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My apologies, and congratulations, to Emily!

Post by melissajmueller on Tue Dec 04, 2007 1:49 pm

Emily has, in fact, won the prize for first post to the Forum! And what a great story it is. Sorry, Emily, I didn't see it until Jed pointed it out to me just now.

Just to clarify, if you want what you write to be seen only by YEL participants, post it under "Dirt TIme". If you want to share it with participants in all our youth programs (homeschool, afterschool), post to one of the "Youth Forum" categories. And if you want to share with the whole Primitive Pursuits community (including adult apprentices and parents), post under "Community Forum".

Have fun, and maybe we'll still give a prize to the next post-er...



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