Yay, Stickball!

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Yay, Stickball!

Post by melissajmueller on Wed Jan 09, 2008 3:13 pm

I'm very excited to report that everyone is going to make it to our
camp-out this weekend! That'll be a first.

A few reminders:

The weather is forecast to cool off, probably going below freezing on
Saturday night and possibly some snow. Be prepared.

Bring a backpack if you can as we have a little bit of a hike. We do have
a few packs to lend if you need one.

Bring 2 liters of water instead of a gallon.

MOST IMPORTANT: Bring your best Stickball stick! (a smooth, strong stick,
about the length of your arm, forked or not depending on personal

See you Saturday at 9:30!



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