Thanks and Red-spotted Newts

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Thanks and Red-spotted Newts

Post by Cindy Long on Tue Jan 29, 2008 7:35 pm

Hello all,

Thank you again for letting me attend your Friday gathering. It was an honor to be with so many inquisitive individuals.

It was very exciting for me to get to see an adult Red-spotted Newt. I have never seen one before but after reading a bit, find they are supposed to be common in my area. It amazes me also,that they are active all year round! I am wondering though, since there were so many congregated in one small area, were they breeding? I have a picture of one of the newts which looks like it has swollen vents. Could this be a male newt?

During the breeding season, males can be easily identified by their enlarged hind legs, with black-horny structures on the inner surfaces of their thighs and toe tips (used for gripping females during mating), swollen vents, and broadly keeled (high-wavy crest) tails.

I tried to post the picture but had no luck. I am still a bit computer challenged.

Thanks again !!! Wish i could revisit the newts, but i will just have to find them here in my neck of the woods.


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